CREW UK connects TV and film production companies with professional local crew and facilities in the UK.

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How it works for Crew.

We help film & TV crew find local, paid jobs so they can work in their cities and sleep in their own beds.

  • Visit your local Crew website
  • Set up a free profile page (upgrade for more exposure!)
  • Join your exclusive local Crew community.
  • Showcase your work, find jobs, get peer support

We connect film & TV production companies to top local talent & facilities.

  • Visit your local Crew website
  • Set up a free company listing (upgrade for more features!)
  • Join your local Crew Facebook group to advertise jobs
  • Find talented local crew & top facilities

How it works for production companies

How it works for Facilities.

We provide a platform for you to showcase your facilities.

  • Visit your local Crew website
  • Set up a free facility listing (upgrade for more exposure!)
  • Get your facilities noticed by film & TV production companies and professionals


Visit Crew Birmingham to see how our first location, started in 2015, has grown into a community of over 2000 members – supporting them with local jobs, relevant news and peer support.

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What people say

Crew Birmingham is an invaluable asset to Full Fat, especially when we are looking for talented people to work on our productions – we advertise all our positions there.
Crew Birmingham has become a go-to interface for general crewing - it has got us out of trouble on several occasions when we have gained last-minute commissions!
Crew Birmingham has been an invaluable asset for recruiting new staff and sharing news. It's a great place for freelancers to find work, and stay on the ball with up-and-coming productions.

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